CS:GO player creates Discord bot to record match highlights—and you can try it too

This will come in handy for lots of players.

Image via Valve

Casual CS:GO player Run1e has developed a Discord bot that is capable of recording highlight plays from Valve’s official matchmaking—and the product was made for every player out there. What the bot does is allow you to generate videos of your matchmaking games, all from within the Discord app. All the bot needs to work is the match share code, which is found in CS:GO’s menu.

“This has been a long-standing passion project of mine, and it’s finally at a stage where I want to share it,” Run1e said on Reddit. This is quite an innovative tool for casual players who want to record their matchmaking highlights and will save quite some time since Valve doesn’t have an integrated tool for this. Usually, players have to watch their demo and clip their highlights with third-party software like OBS.

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The Discord bot has been well-received by the CS:GO community so far and it’s already reached the limit of 250 servers. Other players have praised Run1e for not only making the bot but for also making it open-source.

“This is amazing, huge props to open source it,” one Redditor said. “I was thinking about how to implement something like this two days ago, appreciate you open-sourcing your work,” another Redditor said.

If you want to try Run1e’s Discord bot, you’ll have to wait until the app verifies the tool as per standard procedure, which will likely take a few days. For now, it only works with CS:GO’s official matchmaking, but Run1e already confirmed it could support FACEIT, a third-party matchmaking platform, down the road as well.

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Although the tool seems great and users already asked whether it’d be possible to upload a full match POV, it’s unlikely that this will ever happen because bots can’t upload files to Discord bigger than 25MB.

If you want to find out when you’ll be able to add this bot to your server, you can join Run1e’s own Discord server and wait for the announcement.

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