One of CS:GO’s rarest skins is now being auctioned—and the bids are getting out of control

Not everyone has this kind of money to spend on cosmetics.

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ZipeL, one of the most popular CS:GO skin collectors, kicked off an auction today for a Factory New M4A4 Howl StatTrack—one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game due to being the only Contraband item—with four iBUYPOWER Holo stickers from the EMS One Katowice Major in 2014, which is the rarest sticker in CS:GO due to its aesthetic and association with iBUYPOWER’s match-fixing scandal that belongs to one of his partners. The auction will end on Friday, April 21 and the leading bid is already incredibly high: $210,000 at time of writing.

The reason why the bids are already this high is because of the four IBUYPOWER Holo stickers, which completely match the M4A4 Howl’s colors. One single sticker is being sold for over $67,000 on another platform, showing that the pricing of the combo can’t be underestimated. This M4A4 Howl also has an incredibly low float (0.004830657970160), meaning the skin is almost perfectly new with no scratches or marks.

ZipeL is accepting “most payment methods” and will also accept a trade for his M4A4 Howl with the iBUYPOWER Holo stickers in case he and the buyer agree on the valuation. The person who bid $210,000 is also a reputable CS:GO skin collector and has an inventory on Steam that would make any fan of the game jealous—three AWP Dragon Lore, one M4A4 Howl, two AK-47 Vulcan, and a knife M9 Bayonet Crimson Web.

With Counter-Strike 2‘s release this summer, some of the skins are rising in price since they’ll carry over to the new version of the game and look even better in Source 2’s engine. This could be an opportunity for many skin collectors to cash out and get real money for their CS:GO skins, instead of selling them on the Steam Market.

Update April 19 12:28pm CT: ZipeL is handling all the sales for this partner, who enjoys watching CS:GO a lot and bought the skin a while ago. This type of auction is “very typical” with high-end skins, according to ZipeL, and they figured out they could try selling the M4A4 Howl in this format.


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