Raven Software says it banned 50,000 additional accounts from Call of Duty: Warzone today alone

Where have we heard this before?

Image via Activision

Raven Software banned 50,000 accounts in Call of Duty: Warzone today, the company announced.

The announcement comes on the heels of a study that reveals the game is taking in, on average, over $5.2 million per day in revenue. But the cosmetics in the store have done little to curb the problem of cheaters, which has been basically out of control since the game went live.

The last update on the subject of cheater bans came back on May 14 when the company said more than 500,000 accounts have been banned in total in Warzone since the game was released last March.

“More importantly, we are listening and hard at work behind the scenes,” Raven said. “We will have more info for you soon.”

Raven has offered multiple updates on its efforts to ban cheaters throughout 2020 since it took full control of Warzone development from Infinity Ward. Activision has also previously said it issues hardware bans to repeat offenders, but it’s seemingly done little to prevent the problem from persisting.

Recently, a large portion of popular Warzone streamers has made the switch to Apex Legends, another battle royale FPS. While Apex has had its own share of cheating problems, top streamers like TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS have been enjoying the change of pace and ranked playlist of EA’s shooter.

In February, when Raven began its line of communications on the hacking issues, it said over 300,000 accounts had been banned, meaning around 200,000 or more were banned between then and the most recent update in May.