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Call of Duty 2024: Black Ops 6, Gulf War, classic maps, and everything we know so far

Another CoD game is coming, if you can believe it.

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and yearly Call of Duty releases. This year is no different, and it’s expected that a new CoD game will be coming out some time in 2024.

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CoD is likely set to get another full “premium” game in the fall or winter this year, but further information about the game is mostly speculation and rumors at this point. Official info will come later in the year, but for now, we have some information about what players can expect from 2024’s iteration of the franchise.

Here’s everything that’s been leaked, reported, and revealed so far about Call of Duty 2024, rumored to be called Black Ops Gulf War.

New Call of Duty 2024 rumors

Call of Duty Black Ops operator
Another new era for CoD. Image via Activision

Much of CoD 2024 is unconfirmed at this point, but reports and leaks have given us an idea of what to expect. After MW3’s campaign became one of the lowest-rated in the entire series, gamers are looking forward to what’s to come.

Read on for more information about what’s rumored to be coming in the next CoD game.

June reveal?

A post on Twitter/X by Xbox is leading many to believe that CoD 2024 will have its own dedicated Direct showcase after the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, the same way that Starfield had its own Direct last year.

The imagery in the teaser image, including a Cerberus head (Cerberus was reportedly the internal codename for CoD 2024), along with the Black Ops-like orange color leads us to believe it will be for the new CoD game.

Treyarch is back in Black

A Black Ops 2 screenshot featuring drones flying in the air behind a soldier.
They’re back. Image via Activision

CoD 2024 is rumored to be another Treyarch Black Ops game, which would line up since the last two games were made by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. This would make CoD 2024 the first CoD game with a full three-year development cycle, being the first main title since Black Ops Cold War in 2020.

Treyarch has kept busy otherwise, though. The studio developed the ranked play modes for the last few titles as well as working on the Zombies mode in MW3.

Multiplayer alpha, campaign safehouse

A CoD data miner named @SemtexLeaks on Twitter/X found mentions of a playable alpha within a recent update for MW3. In the same leak, files mentioned a safehouse for the singleplayer campaign, which could be similar to the base of operations found in Black Ops Cold War.

Call of Duty’s first Gulf War setting

The first news of CoD 2024 being set in the Gulf War was reported by Windows Central in late November 2023. Since then, “Call of Duty: Gulf War” has been on everyone’s minds, even as they play Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

“From what we’ve been told, Black Ops ‘6‘ will attempt to explore a nuanced narrative of the Gulf War, with a critical focus on different participants within the conflict,” the report said. “It will dovetail into the end of the Cold War era, and explore some of the consequences therein.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Gulf War title?

There’s no current official title for CoD 2024, but the Windows Central report said it’s “being heavily referred to internally by codenames.” Given the previous Treyarch CoD title was called Black Ops Cold War, it’s reasonable to expect this one to be called Black Ops Gulf War if the trend continues.

However, the game may ditch the full name and go back to a numbered title, such as Black Ops 6.

‘Traditional’ weapons and technology

Call of Duty Black Ops screenshot
1990s era warfare could be coming. Image via Activision

The Windows Central report states that the new CoD will “lean back into more traditional military combat technology and familiar Black Ops gadgetry as opposed to the current and near-future tech we’ve seen from Modern Warfare and some other recent Call of Duty titles.”

This would be a change of pace from MW2 and MW3’s “modern” take on weaponry, and could be a breath of fresh air and return to the vibe of previous Black Ops titles like BO1 and Cold War.

Open-world campaign

A February 2024 report by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming claims that Black Ops Gulf War will feature “open-world” missions, but “more akin to that of Far Cry” than Modern Warfare 3’s open combat missions.

Round-based Zombies returns

MW3 soldier shooting at zombies.
MW3 Zombies has been different. Image via Activision

Windows Central’s report also had some good news for Zombies fans, stating that classic round-based Zombies gameplay could be returning in 2024.

MW3’s Zombies mode changed up the formula with MWZ, an open-world variant of the mode that’s a mix between Treyarch’s Outbreak and Infinity Ward’s DMZ. Fans enjoyed the mode, but round-based maps will always hold a special place in players’ hearts.

Returning classic Black Ops maps

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map Slums.
Slums could be back again. Image via Activision

In October 2023, Insider Gaming reported that, like MW3 in 2023, CoD 2024 will launch with a number of remastered classic maps, this time from the Black Ops series. MW3 began with 16 remastered maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, and 2024’s CoD could be somewhat similar.

A leaker account on X that has since had their posts removed said that Black Ops 1 map WMD and Black Ops 2 DLC map Grind may be returning, so other classics are also expected to be reprised.

Call of Duty Gulf War release date

While nothing has been made official yet, considering every year has had the new CoD title release in late October or early November, it’s a safe bet that the “Gulf War” title will be releasing some time then in 2024 as well.

This article will be updated with more information throughout 2024 as more news is revealed, leaked, and reported around the new CoD game coming this fall.

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