All Missions in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

A movie-like story to crown your Black Ops Cold War experience.

Image via Treyarch

Call of Duty titles have long been popular due to robust multiplayer game modes. With the series’ entrance to the battle royale genre, however, it looked like the ties to the campaign mode were getting thinner.

Considering Black Ops 4 didn’t have the traditional campaign mode, fans were curious to see Black Ops Cold War’s take on the matter, and it certainly delivered. Black Ops Cold War features a thriller of a story mode where you’ll be working tirelessly to stop Soviet soldiers from fulfilling their missions. All the paths will lead you to Perseus, the main antagonist you’ll be going up against.

Familiar names like Mason, Woods, and Hudson will accompany you on your journey, and you’ll play a total of 16 missions to complete the campaign mode. Your decisions will matter since they’ll affect which ending you’ll get, making this one of the more intriguing campaigns in the CoD series.

Here are all the missions you’ll be playing through as you progress more into the Black Ops Cold War’s story mode.

Nowhere Left to Run

Nowhere Left to Run is the first mission campaign mission of Black Ops Cold War. Your objective will be to take out Qasim Javadi and Arash Kavidar. You’ll be teaming up with Woods and Adler to ambush the group that the two suspects are in.

If you’re looking to complete the side missions as well, there’s a piece of evidence you’ll want to collect during Nowhere Left to Run. Once you get your hands on Javadi toward the end of the mission, make sure to integrate him without hurting him since you’ll need him to give up the name of the person who’ll be meeting Arash Kavidar

CIA Safehouse E9

You’ll get formally introduced to the team during the CIA Safehouse E9 mission and will be allowed to decide on your character’s history. While you can have fun with your character’s name, birthplace, and so on, the Psychological Profile you’ll pick will grant you specific bonuses throughout the game.

Here are all the Psychological Profiles you can pick and their bonuses.

  • Aggressive Behavior: Reload your weapon 50 percent faster
  • Calm Under Pressure: Pain Flinch reduced by 90 percent
  • Dependable: Take 30 percent less damage while staying stationary
  • Fearless: Receive 50 percent less damage from explosions
  • Impatient: More accurate hip firing while moving
  • Lone Wolf: Initial Sprint boost duration will be three times longer
  • Methodical: Reduce weapon kick by 25 percent
  • Paranoid: Increase aiming speed by 100 percent
  • Professional: Move at full movement speed while aiming down sight
  • Relentless: Increase rate of fire by 25 percent
  • Reliable: Ammo Capacity increased by one clip
  • Survivor: Increase your health by 25 percent
  • Tormented: Carry two more Lethal and Tactical equipment on your character
  • Violent Tendencies: Increase bullet damage by 25 percent

Fracture Jaw

During the Fracture Jaw mission, you’ll be tasked with defending the Firebase Ripcord. This is a relatively straightforward mission, and if you destroy all mortar teams and enemy vehicles during your epic defense, you’ll be rewarded with an achievement

East Berlin Briefing

East Berlin Briefing is a transition mission where you’ll get to take another look at the Evidence board. Side missions, Operation Red Circus and Operation Chaos, will be unlocked at this stage, but we recommend saving them for later since there will still be a handful of evidence pieces you’ll need to collect through the campaign.

Brick in the Wall

Screengrab via Activision

You’ll be meeting with an informant named Greta Keller in a bar during the Brick in the Wall mission. This is one of the more unique missions in the game since there are two evidence pieces you’ll need to collect if you’re looking to complete the side missions.

The first one will be linked to an optional objective inside the mission that requires you to find Richter, a captured informant. As you go down to the basement to find Richter, look for an audio reel on a table which will be located close to Richter.

The second piece of evidence will be in Kraus’ home. Make sure not to pick up his briefcase before collecting the evidence inside his room upstairs since doing so will make you progress through the mission.

Redlight, Greenlight

During the Redlight, Greenlight mission, you’ll be going on a late-night adventure alongside Woods. There’s an achievement and evidence buried in this mission, and both require you to take pictures of six pieces of intel.

Taking a picture of three of them will be enough to collect the evidence, while you’ll need to complete all four to earn the achievement.

Echoes of a Cold War

Echoes of a Cold War is one of the longer missions of the game, and you’ll be once again following Woods, but with silenced sniper rifles in your hands.

There’s another piece of evidence you’ll be able to collect during this mission, which will be inside the command center. As you get closer to the command center, you’ll start an audio recording playing. Move toward its direction to pick it up, and you’ll be able to use it during the Operation Red Circus side-mission.

Lubyanka Briefing

Lubyanka Briefing is a transition mission where you’ll get to have a chat with Adler and Hudson. You’ll be able to roam around freely inside the safehouse aftward and select the next mission through the Evidence Board.

Desperate Measures

During the Desperate Measures mission, you’ll take control of Dimitri Belikov, an agent working for CIA as a mole inside KGB. You’ll have to go on with your daily tasks and acquire the Bunker Key since Adler requested it.

There will also be a wristwatch with a dead drop list inside it around the building. This watch will serve as evidence later on in the game, and you can find it inside one of the Records, War, and Server rooms.

Cuba Briefing

Cuba Briefing is another transition mission where you’ll be having a short conversation with your teammates. You’ll be able to move around the safehouse afterward and pick the mission you’d like to play next.

End of the Line

Screengrab via Activision

End of the Line is the first mission of Black Ops Cold War’s endgame. We recommend completing Operation Chaos and Red Circus, the two side missions, for a better experience as long as the storyline goes.

You’ll be teaming up with Park and Lazar during this mission, where you’ll need to locate a nuclear device.


You may not remember, but you’ve met Perseus in person at some point in history. Adler and Sims will try to hack your memory to make you remember during the Interrogation mission.

As you get injected with an unknown substance, you’ll advance onto the next mission, where you’ll be reliving some of your memories.

Break on Through

You’ll wake up in the middle of a firefight during the Break on Through mission and will have the option to choose to do what Adler tells you to do. You can get a couple of endings during this mission, based on if you listen to Adler or not.

Getting all endings will allow you to unlock the Mind Trip achievement.

Identity Crisis

You’ll finally wake up from your foggy dreams, and you’ll immediately get questioned about what Perseus told you inside your memories. Your answers during this mission will decide which ending you’ll get to see.

Ashes to Ashes

If you’ve chosen to lie to Adler and side with Perseus, you’ll get to play the Ashes to Ashes ending where you’ll be accused of lying to the team. The rest of the mission will play out based on the decisions you’ve made throughout the game.

The Final Countdown

Siding with the U.S. will result in playing the Final Countdown mission. You and the team will be taking the fight to Perseus during this mission.

Side missions

There are a total of two side missions in Black Ops Cold War, and you should ideally complete them before the End of the Line mission.

You can check the following guides on how to complete both side missions, Operation Chaos and Operation Red Circus, which will both make the endgame even more thrilling than it already is.