Operation Red Circus suspects guide for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Anyone who confesses gets a cookie.

Image via Treyarch

The latest addition to the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops Cold War, launched today and it offers more than a robust multiplayer experience. An impressive campaign mode awaits players once they log into the game for the first time and they’ll be tasked with stopping a Soviet Spy named Perseus before he accomplishes his mission.

During the campaign, you’ll need to take down a Soviet Major, Vadim Rudnik. Rudnik may look like a regular fellow on the outside, but he’s been busy planting Soviet agents all around Europe. Your efforts have been enough to reduce the number of suspects to eight, but you’ll need to pick the three correct ones to complete Operation Red Circus.

Channeling your inner detective, you’ll go over all the evidence you’ve collected on these suspects over the course of the campaign mode. Missing any one of them may put you on the back foot.

There’s no need to panic if you’ve missed any of the missions, though, since you’ll have the option to replay all of them and gather the missing intel in the process.

Here’s everything you’ll require to complete the Operation Red Circus mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The first intel – Brick in the Wall

Franz Kraus’ Ledger that’ll be located inside one of the drawers next to his bed upstairs during the Brick in the Wall mission. – Screengrab via Activision

The first piece of intel you need to get your hands on is hidden in the Brick in the Wall mission. The evidence will be located inside Kraus’ apartment, in the cabinet to the right of his bed. Sneak your way upstairs and search the cabinet before anyone spots you. We’ve found this evidence in the top drawer, but there’s a chance it can relocate to one of the other drawers.

The second intel – Echoes of a Cold War

The Cassette Tape with Activities Reports which you’ll find in the command room during the Echoes of a Cold War mission – Screengrab via Activision

The second piece of evidence is buried inside the Echoes of a Cold War mission. You’ll be looking for a tape that will be on a table in the command room. Alongside the tape, there will be an ashtray, a mug, and a payphone, making it easier for you to locate the evidence.

The third intel – Desperate Measures

The Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List which can be found on a desk in the records room, next to a brown portfolio during the Desperate Measures Mission – Screengrab via Activision

Keep your eyes open for a watch during the Desperate Measures mission. This wristwatch isn’t like anything you can get off the counter since there’s a dead drop list hidden inside. The watch will be on a desk in the records room, next to a brown portfolio.

Crack the case

Start marking your suspects on the evidence board after you identify them based on evidence. – Screengrab via Activision

Once you collect all the evidence you need, you’ll be ready to crack the case. Start by checking the ledger. That’ll give you the travel dates and all the cities that the suspects have visited in recent dates. You’ll be able to match these with the known information regarding the suspects, getting one step closer to identifying them.

After completing that, switch over to the audio reports. You’ll get brief descriptions regarding the suspects’ recent activities. You’ll also learn their code names in the process, which will help you identify the gender of the agents. You can eliminate a good chunk of the possible suspects based on this information, letting you narrow down the circle.

Finally, you’ll make use of the dead drop list you found during the Desperate Measures mission. This list will have dates and cities. The information inside should be enough for you to eliminate the last suspects who don’t fit the profile. Completing this step will leave you with three suspected agents.

Mark all of them on the evidence board to finish Operation Red Circus.