How to complete the Operation Chaos mission in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Bring the order that will end the chaos.

Screengrab via Activision

The Call of Duty series has rarely neglected the game’s campaign mode, other than in Black Ops 4Black Ops Cold War does an excellent job of preserving the game’s core aspects and features one of the recent CoD games’ better campaigns.

You’ll work tirelessly to stop Soviet soldiers from achieving their goals during the campaign and there will be side missions to get you invested in the story even further. Side missions are generally loved or hated depending on what type of a gamer you are, but the side quests in Black Ops Cold War have been nothing but impressive.

While gunning your way out of situations is the very essence of each CoD mission, side quests like Operation Chaos will require you to turn into a modern-day Sherlock Holmes to solve mysteries.

This side mission requires you to crack the code of a floppy disk and you’ll need to gather three pieces of evidence from three different quests to do so. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on any of them since all the missions are replayable and you’ll have the option to go back to collect everything you missed.

Here’s everything you’ll need to complete Operation Chaos in Black Ops Cold War.

The first intel – Nowhere to Run

Your first stop will be the Nowhere to Run mission. Talking with Quasim will be enough to get your hands on the first clue, “a coded message.” This won’t be an ordinary talk, however, since Quasim will refuse to cooperate at first. You’ll need to intimidate him so he spills the beans, but try not to hurt him because you won’t get what you’re after if he’s hurt.

The second intel – Brick in the Wall

The second piece of intel will be hidden inside the Brick in the Wall quest. Keep your eyes open for an audio reel that will be on top of a table inside a warehouse. You’ll know you’re in the right place after you free the informant. You’ll unlock the clue “Numbers Station broadcast” upon collecting the audio reel. 

The third intel – Redlight, Greenlight

The last piece of information you’ll need to complete Operation Chaos will be waiting for you inside the Redlight, Greenlight mission. Check out the upstairs portion of the ’80s bar you’ll find yourself in. You’ll be looking for the front page of the Observer, also a part of the Photo Intel mission.

How to decrypt the floppy disk in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Operation Chaos

Screengrab via Activision

Once you get your hands on all the evidence, you’ll need to work out a code number and a code word based on all the information you have. 

Starting with the code number first, check out the coded message you received from Quasim. You’ll notice numbers alternating between red and blue among the lines of the message and you should realize that one of each color will be missing. Figure out the missing colors and calculate the difference between each number of the same color.

These colors and numbers will continuously change, meaning there won’t be a single code that’ll work for all the players. The blue and red numbers will have a different pattern, so you’ll need to calculate them separately. Right after you’re done with the calculations, you’ll need to listen to the Numbers Station broadcast to get the word that matches the numbers you obtained.

Moving on to the mission’s code word portion, you’ll need to bring up the newspaper you collected from the bar during the Redlight, Greenlight mission. The headline on the front page will have some of its letters in red and these letters will let you form the name of a city. 

Retrace back to the Numbers Station broadcast one more time and you’ll notice a code coinciding with the city name you just found out. Head over to the decryption screen and enter both the number and the word to unlock the floppy disk.