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Riot Games parent Tencent wins $2.9 million in lawsuit against Mobile Legends developer

This case comes after last year's copyright case in California was dismissed.
2 hours ago - LoL

The new cursor goes live in League this week with Patch 8.14

It's the day we all knew was coming, but never wanted to actually arrive.
5 hours ago - LoL

Nerfs, buffs, and new stuff in League's Patch 8.14

The death of gold funneling, Aatrox follow-up work, new Worlds SSG skins, and more.
5 hours ago - LoL

The Samsung Galaxy Worlds skins arrive this week, here's everything you need to know

Another year, another kickass set of Worlds skins.
5 hours ago - LoL

This year's Pool Party skins are going to Caitlyn, Gangplank, and Zoe

The Pool Party summer event is almost here.
6 hours ago - LoL

First impressions: The new Akali is more fun, engaging, and satisfying to play—but at a cost

League's simpler champions are getting knocked out, one at a time.
a day ago - LoL

Riot Ghostcrawler responds to Doublelift's criticism video: "We agree with a lot of what he says"

League is spiraling through one of the most turbulent times in the game's history.
a day ago - LoL

Akali's new look and abilities have been leaked ahead of her official reveal

League's twilight assassin is next in-line for a total update.
a day ago - LoL

The Cinderella story is happening—CLG are now tied for first place in the NA LCS

It's been a rough road, but they're back on top.
2 days ago - LoL

Echo Fox's win over TSM proves that the top of the NA LCS has a long way to go

No game between top teams should ever be this messy.
2 days ago - LoL