Aaron Mickunas
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Uzi finally meets his destiny by claiming the MSI crown with RNG

Four pauses, four games, and one miracle later—the era of LPL dominance has begun.
2 days ago - LoL

RNG and KINGZONE have always been desperately close to greatness

Will it be Uzi or the GorillA-PraY duo who finally go home with a title?
3 days ago - LoL

New AD items coming to League should be great for bruisers, fighters, and Pyke

Atma's Reckoning and Spear of Shojin are both solid options for any tanky AD champion.
4 days ago - LoL

RNG sweep Fnatic in the MSI semifinals

At two international events in a row, RNG has been Fnatic's downfall.
4 days ago - LoL

RNG knocked Fnatic out of Worlds, and they're trying again this weekend at MSI

RNG's the favorite, but Fnatic's got a grudge to settle.
5 days ago - LoL

Pyke's voice interactions with other champions are bizarre

"You're growin' on me... like a barnacle... on my ass."
6 days ago - LoL