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Tyler1 will duel a Riot employee from the balance team today

This one's for all those ADC mains out there.
an hour ago - LoL

Cloud9's hopes of making playoffs this split are slim, even with Sneaky back in the lineup

It's going to be hard to come back from a 2-6 start, even for Cloud9.
20 hours ago - LoL

Key support items to be nerfed in League Patch 8.15

Will this close the door on some high-damage bot lanes?
20 hours ago - LoL

Crit ADCs might be back on the menu in League's Patch 8.15

Huge reductions in gold costs on key crit items might bring them back to form.
a day ago - LoL

This week's League patch was just the right size, and we hope it stays that way

In the aftermath of months of destructive changes, this is exactly what players need.
a day ago - LoL

Riot Games parent Tencent wins $2.9 million in lawsuit against Moonton CEO

This case comes after last year's copyright case in California was dismissed.
2 days ago - LoL

The new cursor goes live in League this week with Patch 8.14

It's the day we all knew was coming, but never wanted to actually arrive.
3 days ago - LoL

Nerfs, buffs, and new stuff in League's Patch 8.14

The death of gold funneling, Aatrox follow-up work, new Worlds SSG skins, and more.
3 days ago - LoL

The Samsung Galaxy Worlds skins arrive this week, here's everything you need to know

Another year, another kickass set of Worlds skins.
3 days ago - LoL

This year's Pool Party skins are going to Caitlyn, Gangplank, and Zoe

The Pool Party summer event is almost here.
3 days ago - LoL