Ardent Censer will no longer work on self-shields in Patch 10.1

Sorry, Diana.

In League of Legends Patch 10.1, the first update of the new year, Ardent Censer will no longer work with self-shields, according to a Reddit comment from a Riot staffer.

This is a big change to the item, as some strange uses of the item have become more and more popular since the feature was added during the pre-season.

Ardent Censer is an item that increases the amount of healing and shielding a champion can do, but it also applies on-hit damage and attack speed to those you shield. With this feature in place, champions like Diana, Skarner, and Udyr could run the item to trigger the buff with their self-shields, giving themselves on-hit damage and more dueling power very early in the game. Without the feature, these odd builds should fall off once more.

The remaining benefits of Ardent Censer will stay the same. Frenzy will continue to work as it has, and the on-hit damage bonuses will remain the same, but only when applying shields to allies, not yourself.

Ardent Censer was a very popular item for Janna and other enchanter supports, and has been in the game since Patch 4.10, which is now over five years ago. It has been through several changes since it was released, with tweaks on the impact to healing, shields, and damage changing a handful of times.