Fatty Melon donates over $4,700 to help a streamer meet his father

“He got a headstart on the trip.”

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamer “asduvvy21” was trying to raise money to go meet his biological father in the Philippines yesterday when he received a donation of $4,788.46 from user Fatty Melon, which helped him exceed his goal of $6,000.

Fatty Melon is well known on Twitch and has donated large amounts to streamers before. The amount donated to asduvvy21 is easily one of the largest donations Fatty Melon has made.

The streamer was left speechless and emotional after receiving the donation. He ended up leaving the room for a moment to collect himself after the donation came through. When he returned, asduvvy21 explained that his birthday is in February and would love to go to the Philippines around then to visit for a couple of weeks. 

Asduvvy21 was just hanging out with his friends on stream when the donation occurred. When he received it, even his friends didn’t quite know how to react. After returning to the stream, his friends all expressed their happiness for him and gave their support. The Twitch chat showed Fatty Melon saying “He got a headstart on the trip.”

The streamer later thanked Fatty Melon again on Twitter for the money and told the donor that his mom is also in “disbelief” due to his actions.