Broxah tries—and fails—to make hero play against Perkz on stream

Don't try this at home. Or ever.

Photo via G2 Esports

League of Legends pro player Mads “Broxah”  Brock-Pedersen was playing against fellow pro Luka “Perkz” Perković on Perkz’s stream earlier today, when Broxah decided to have a montage moment

In other words, he initiated a one-vs-two against Perkz and his jungler, who was probably (but unconfirmed to be) Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski. And when we say “have a montage moment,” it would be more accurate to say that he attempted a montage moment, because he really didn’t succeed.

While Perkz was very low on health, his jungler, playing Lee Sin, decided to engage on Broxah, who was playing Olaf. The third player deleted Broxah’s health pretty quickly, but what really made the difference was Broxah field-goaling his axe between both of the other players. When Broxah continued to try and engage on Perkz, he was quickly defeated without being able to lay much on either of the other two at all.

Perkz found the entire exchange pretty comical and laughed after Broxah died, while continuing to push the lane. 

This was early in the game and gave Perkz his first kill, though his team was winning with eight kills to two. The play also gave Perkz the chance to drop the Rift Herald and get the first mid tower 10 minutes into the game.