Fousey’s viewers call 911 using donations

The 911 operator wasn't very good.

Screengrab via Fousey

Yousef Saleh Erakat, most commonly known by his online handle, FouseyTube, was streaming on Twitch yesterday when his viewers used his talk-to-text donation function to call 911.

Fousey had stepped away from his stream while still live and his viewers decided to take advantage. It appears Fousey left his phone behind, so people started donating. The first person, “John,” donated $5 and used the talk-to-text function to say “Hey, Siri, call 911.”

Siri responded by asking if she should call emergency services. Another $5 donation came in from “HeySiri” that said yes, which prompted Siri to dial the number. Viewers could hear the phone dialing on stream. The 911 operator picked up with a standard greeting of “911 emergency, what are you reporting?” 

After not receiving an answer for a moment, the operator hung up. The operator ended the call after only a few seconds, which might be somewhat alarming for the general public that relies on emergency services.

This seems to be the first time something like this has happened to Fousey. Although there don’t seem to be any repercussions from this situation, streamers should probably stop leaving their phones within range of talk-to-text systems moving forward.