Riot caught and fixed a big Sylas bug on League’s PBE

Sylas is trying out his best Kha'Zix impression.

Image via Riot Games

Riot staffer Matt “Riot PhRoXzOn” Leung-Harrison tweeted today that there was a major bug with Sylas on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE).

It appears that Sylas’ attack speed wasn’t functioning on his passive attacks, which could hinder his gameplay. PhRoXzOn says that the bug won’t be fixed on the PBE today, but players should see the fix roll out tomorrow as long as there are no “unforeseen issues.” 

He also apologized for the bug and claimed that Sylas would feel a lot better to play after the fix is deployed. PhRoXzOn acknowledged that people aren’t happy with attack resets being removed, but said this version will “retain the feel of his passive flow, while bringing up his accessibility floor.”

Riot received backlash about the recent changes to Sylas on the PBE because many people feel his kit is balanced already and removing the resets will ruin his viability as a jungler.

The modifications have yet to hit live play, so it may be difficult to determine the results of these adaptations at the moment. The adjustments are still subject to change until they go live on the client. There may still be some tweaks before the patch hits.