When does the Apex Legends System Override event begin?

The event kicks off soon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With a new month comes a new Apex Legends event.

The System Override Collection Event announced today boasts new skins, cosmetics, modes, items, and an Heirloom set for Adrenaline Junkie Octane. And with less than a week until it goes live, players won’t have to wait long.

When does the System Override event go live?

The System Override event kicks off on March 3. Judging from when previous events began, it’ll likely start at 12pm CT. And players can enjoy the fresh content until March 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

What new content debuts with the event?

Several new cosmetics will debut with the event, including six legendary character and weapon skins. And players can get their hands on the Octane Heirloom set for free after snagging all 24 System Override cosmetics. But players will be able to purchase specific skins they want from the store or craft them.

The Deja Loot mode will spawn all guns in the same location every match, as well as maintain the same flight path for the dropship. Players can jump into World’s Edge for the first week of the mode and Kings Canyon for the second.

The new Evo Shield gets more powerful as players deal damage to their enemies. It eventually gets stronger than epic body shields and changes colors as it upgrades.