When does Apex’s War Games event begin?

Let the War Games begin.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

While each season of Apex Legends provides a chance for all competitive players to prove themselves on the game’s ranked ladder, this can be overshadowed by the flashy events that Respawn frequently introduces to the game.

All events hit the live servers with new cosmetic items and some also add new limited-time game modes, making each of them a unique experience. Since Apex is getting ready to wrap up its current season, Respawn is set to host yet another exciting event.

Packed with a collection of never-before-seen playlist modifiers, new challenges, and a rewards track, the War Games event is scheduled to go live on April 13. The event will end on April 27, after the last modifier wraps up.

There will be a total of five modifiers that will go live throughout War Games:

  • Second Chance: April 13 to 15
    • While the Second Chance modifier is active, all players will start the game with a Respawn Token that will be triggered once you die. You’ll be able to come back to life for a second time for free, but it’ll be your last one.
  • Ultra Zones: April 15 to 19
    • Ultra Zones will introduce multiple Hot Zones around the map, meaning there will be more gold, epic loot, and items waiting for players as well. Ultra Zones is similar to the Flash Point game mode that was available during season six.
  • Auto Banners: April 19 to 21
    • During the Auto Banners modifier, your squadmates’ banner cards will automatically be retrieved once they die, meaning you won’t have to risk your life before trying to get them back into the game.
  • Killing Time: April 21 to 23
    • If you’ve looking for a way to play faster matches in Apex, then Killing Times will be your remedy. When Killing Time is active, every time a legend dies, the round time will be reduced.
  • Armor Regen: April 23 to 27
    • Making up for the reduced match lengths due to the Killing Time modifier, Armor Regen will look forward to increasing the overall duration of matches starting on April 23. When this modifier is active, your armor will start regenerating after an eight-second delay. This delay will be doubled to 16 if your armor cracks during a gunfight.

Apex’s War Games event is set to begin on Tuesday, April 13.