When does Apex Legends’ Monsters Within Halloween event begin?

It's coming earlier than you'd think.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ 2021 Halloween event, Monsters Within, is bringing a slew of new additions, from cosmetics to a new Arenas map. The event ends with the return of Shadow Royale, last year’s limited-time mode.

The event is bringing Monsters Within packs and three separate reward tracks, all with a series of event-specific cosmetics inspired by horror movies. Classic skins from previous Halloween events will also show up in the in-game store.

Players don’t need to stock up on cosmetics right away, though. Monster Within items “can always be crafted with crafting metals,” according to Respawn. But buying an event pack guarantees one non-duplicate item from the 40-item collection.

When does Apex’s Monsters Within Halloween event begin?

The celebrations for the Monsters Within event kick off on Oct. 12, but players should keep a tight eye on the calendar if they want to get the most out of the event. Each week will bring its own prize track with unique rewards, including a legend skin, a gun charm, and a series of Holo-Sprays. Maxing them out takes 3,000 points and Respawn has released what will be up for grabs each week.

Image via Respawn

In addition to the weekly prize tracks, players will get the chance to dive into Shadow Royale, last year’s Halloween limited-time mode. Legends who die respawn as a Shadow Form with infinite lives and can only use melee attacks. The last team with a living legend wins the match.

Players have until Nov. 2 to participate in the harrowing celebrations before they disappear, but the Monsters Within items will stay permanently and will be available for crafting materials. Their price may even drop in a couple of seasons, according to Respawn.