What is the prediction algorithm in Apex Legends?

What if Apex is rigged?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends features many characters from various backgrounds. Each legend has a unique personality and reason to join the Apex games.

Several legends are in the Apex games just for their love of the sport, but others were forced to join because of unforeseen circumstances in their lives. Crypto is one of these legends. He’s a brilliant encryption expert and a hacker, was framed for his sister’s murder. This event caused him to go into hiding until he decided to conceal himself in plain sight.

It isn’t known whether Crypto was planning to join Apex games before his luck turned against him, but he was undoubtedly familiar with the concept.

What is Crypto’s prediction algorithm in Apex Legends?

Crypto and his sister, Mila, found an algorithm that predicted the result of any Apex match. The duo stumbled upon this algorithm inside Apex’s computer systems, and the “wrong people” quickly detected the situation.

Shortly after they were discovered, Mila was kidnapped, and Crypto was framed for her murder. It isn’t known whether Crypto actively uses the algorithms in his matches, but considering he’s trying to hide under the spotlight, he may be focused more on drawing less attention.

Why did Crypto join the Apex games?

Crypto joined the Apex games to hide from the people who kidnapped and murdered his sister. He looks to clear his name in the games and return to the real world as a free man. Lore-wise, Crypto is one of Apex‘s smarter legends, and his abilities highlight his engineering skills.