Twitch Rivals might have just leaked Gun Game coming to Apex Legends this season

Start getting that arsenal ready.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A long-rumored limited-time mode looks like it could be making its way to Apex Legends. Gun Game will most likely make its heavily anticipated debut in Apex when the next event launches, according to information initially posted on Twitch Rivals’ schedule for TwitchCon San Diego.

An exhibition tournament will take place at TwitchCon San Diego featuring some of the biggest content creators and professional Apex players in the world. And according to an initial post on the Twitch Rivals’ information page for the tournament, this event will feature Gun Game, a mode that is not yet in the PC and console version of Apex.

As of approximately 7pm CT, the information page has been updated to remove mentions of Gun Game and Shadow Royale, but screenshots exist of the original format listing.

Screengrab via Twitch Rivals

The tournament will also feature a fundamentally different format than we’ve ever seen in a Twitch Rivals Apex event. Previously, the tournament series has run events using the game’s official game modes and—early in the game’s history—kill race tournaments, this tournament will be a hybrid event. The participants will play five battle royale games and will be scored according to the standard ALGS scoring system.

Three of the games will be conducted as standard battle royale matches, while two were initially listed as Shadow Royale, also confirming the return of the traditional Halloween LTM.

The tournament’s original posting stated that after the battle royale matches are over, the top four teams in points will compete in a winner-take-all version of Gun Game, the highly popular shooter mode that requires its participants to cycle through all of the weapons in a game, a new weapon appearing every time a player gets a kill with the last one. The winner of Gun Game will take home the Twitch Rivals championship, while the remaining three teams will finish in the order they placed in the battle royale portion of the event.

To say fans of Apex have clamored for Gun Game is an understatement. It’s been one of the most requested modes to come to the game as an LTM, especially after Gun Game was introduced to Apex Legends Mobile. With the news out of TwitchCon, it seems highly likely that Gun Game will come to Apex in an event sometime this season, with there most likely being an event that takes place before the Halloween event in October.

Whenever the mode comes to the game, we’re sure Apex fans will be glad.

Update Aug. 30 7:15pm CT: The Twitch Rivals event format has been updated to remove mentions of Gun Game and Shadow Royale.