Strange Apex Legends glitch turns the game into a world of static

Who knew the battlefield could look so... rainbow?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered a strange new glitch that distorts many of the game’s models and environments.

User StaticPanick was one of the first to showcase the glitch, sharing photos of how it changed the skins, character models, and backgrounds in his game. In a video from user FNDS., the glitch can be seen popping into place as the they enter the firing range, gradually changing almost all of the game’s textures into a strange collection of rainbow static.

It’s not just hard on the eyes; it also makes elements in the environment difficult to distinguish and distorts skins. User Josh posted a picture of their screen in which their Pathfinder Heirloom gloves were covered with the glitch, making it look as though they’d landed in a bucket of paint. The effect can also be seen decorating the walls of Storm Point in the same picture.

Many players cracked jokes on Twitter, talking about how good season 11’s “new skins” look. The official Apex Legends Twitter account responded to the initial post, asking StaticPanick to make sure their game was fully patched before launching it. According to other users, the glitch is the result of the game attempting to use graphics and textures that haven’t yet been downloaded as part of the patch. Exiting out of the game and allowing it to finish patching resolves the issue.

StaticPanick says they were able to get their game back to normal, but they also said they “[kinda] want those as real skins now.” Rainbow static skins, anyone?