Simple Apex Legends bug makes Wraith and Ash an untouchable duo

Who needs friends when you have portals?

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have found a bug that allows Wraith to get significant mileage out of Ash’s portal.

Reddit user mediocre_m8 discovered the bug, which allows Wraith players to reset her Into the Void (tactical) cooldown. If Ash places a portal and Wraith enters it while still under the effects of her tactical, Into the Void’s cooldown is instantly available to use again after exiting the portal. Other commenters claim this happens while entering any portal while using Into the Void, including Wraith’s own portal. The bug gives Wraith players increased invulnerability as they move throughout Apex’s maps.

Originally, many players wondered whether this was a bug or an intended feature, a sort of combo that would increase Wraith’s mobility potential. The latter theory was squashed when Respawn live technical designer Exgeniar responded to the original Reddit thread and apologized for the interaction. “Bugs are to be fixed,” they said in a later comment, making it all too clear that the cooldown reset is definitely unintentional. Even so, a handful of commenters wished that the interaction would stay in the game rather than be patched out since they believe Wraith is underpowered due to nerfs over the past several seasons.

It’s unclear when the bug will be fixed, but it seems as though Respawn is working on it. In the meantime, Wraith players should enjoy the extra cooldown reduction while they can.


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