Lou steps down from Complexity Gaming’s Apex Legends team

He is looking to focus more on his stream.

Image via Complexity Gaming

After just three months on the roster, Trenton “Lou” Clements is stepping down from the Complexity Gaming Apex Legends team, citing recent growth with his Twitch stream as his reason. 

Additionally, he said it had become difficult to commit to competing at the same level as his teammates, Ryan “Reptar” Boyd and Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller.

“Over the past month my twitch channel has seen some crazy growth and I could not be any happier,” Lou said. “With this being said, it was really hard to commit to competing like Monsoon and Reptar would have liked me to so I’ve decided to leave the team. I thank them for the patience and support they’ve given me through this decision.”

Since joining the team in April, Complexity has consistently placed in the top four at nearly every American tournament but struggled in more open brackets. Their last outing saw the team place 12th at the second Apex Legends Global Series Super Regional.

Just in the last month, lou has gained 12,059 followers and averages nearly 800 viewers, with a peak of 7,701 according to TwitchMetrics.

As of now, Complexity has re-designated Lou as a streamer for the organization, but he does not plan on ignoring the competitive side of Apex. He notes that he already has a few options for who he can play with in the future, but is focused on creating content and growing his audience for now.