Lifeline throws the ultimate frag grenade

Can't see the enemy? No problem.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Grenades are some of the most powerful tools in Apex Legends and learning how to use each different type of grenade in different situations is vital to improving as a player. Or, you know, you could just huck a frag up there and hope for the best.

Since Apex doesn’t really have a mechanic for “cooking” frag grenades, which are the only grenades in the game that explode on a timer that begins when the grenade is thrown as opposed to impact with a surface, players often arc their grenades high in the air to give enemies a worse chance of reacting to a frag landing at their feet. Reddit user Osi_Babs found the benefits of the “bird nade” quite useful when they quite literally killed a full enemy team with one from a completely blind position.

Did they mean to do all of that when they couldn’t see the enemy team whatsoever from the low ground position? Maybe not. But who are we to argue with the RNG gods that decide such things? All Osi_Babs probably knew was that there was a team there and that grenades hurt. Sometimes, two plus two really does equal four.

At any rate, the lesson that every Apex player can learn from this is that they should consider carrying an extra grenade or two. Or, if you’re playing Fuse, take an extra four or six. Explode your way through the Outlands.