Apex store releases Black Friday sale early

Pick up some nice skins at a discount.

Black Friday discounts on legend and weapon skins are now live in the Apex Legends store ahead of schedule.

Players can pick up skins like Valkyrie’s Aligned Vectors costume, Octane’s Laughing Fool outfit, and the Peacekeeper’s Vermillion Velocity skin.

The Aligned Vectors bundle, which includes the Valkyrie skin as well as the Peacekeeper’s Vermillion Velocity skin, will cost players 900 Apex Coins during the sale, roughly $9, and comes with 10 loot ticks, with one guaranteed Legendary loot tick.

The Laughing Fool bundle is on sale for 2,150 Apex Coins and includes a matching Harlequin Flatline skin—a decent deal considering each cost 1,800 Apex Coins apiece in 2019’s Black Friday sale.

The Dinomite Wattson bundle—which includes the Dinomite Wattson skin, another skin that was previously featured in a Black Friday sale—is also on sale for 2,150 Apex Coins and comes with 25 loot ticks.

For 6,600 coins you can also pick up a 2021 legend bundle, which features Valkyrie, Fuse, and Seer skins and emotes.

Other items in the sale include some discounts on loot ticks, like a 50 pack of loot ticks for 4,000 coins and a 100 pack for 6,700.

These discounts will be available for a week, so players will have time to decide whether they want to pick up these fashions at a discount.