Apex players set up pit of death in Kings Canyon using Wattson fences and Caustic canisters

Always take portals at your own risk.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If there’s one lesson to remember in Apex Legends, it’s to always take Wraith portals with caution.

Reddit user Firebrill posted a clip to the social media platform today, showing how they lured an enemy team into a pit of death with the perfect team comp for the job.

The clip starts with Firebrill, who’s playing Wattson, sneakily peeking over the edge of the sewer drain-like area near the Bunker point-of-interest on Kings Canyon. They hang off the edge next to their allied Caustic, while their third teammate, Wraith, runs off to place a portal.

As Firebrill turns to their left, viewers get a better glimpse of the trap Wattson and Caustic have laid: a hectic web of electric fences sprinkled with a few gas canisters.

Wraith quickly returns to the team and leaps over the ditch to place the end of a portal just above the trap. The enemy team takes the bait, falling into the pit of death. By doing so, they immediately trigger the gas traps, and chaos unfolds.

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The teams begin duking it out with both sides exchanging a stream of bullets. Firebrill throws a few punches at the enemy Octane and Bloodhound, who are desperately attempting to scale the sides of the ditch to escape the onslaught. Our protagonist’s teammates kill the final member of the enemy team, laughing at how well their plan played out.

The next time you’re in this area of Kings Canyon, remember to check where that Wraith portal ends.