Apex Legends’ ranked series moves to Kings Canyon following midseason split

Players will have to grind a part of their SR again.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Ranked players can say goodbye to World’s Edge. Apex Legends’ competitive mode has moved exclusively to Kings Canyon today after the midseason split, as per Respawn’s tradition. Players’ Ranked Points (RP) saw a soft reset of up to 1.5 tiers down from their previous standing.

As part of the midseason split, players’ RP dropped by 1.5 tiers as a means to shake up gameplay and give competitors extra incentive to climb up the ladder. A player’s highest position achieved in either split determines the reward at the end of the season, but legends who get to the same tier in both halves of the season will get an added bonus.

Ranked season six kicked off on an overhauled version of World’s Edge, but the rest of the split will take place on Kings Canyon. With the adoption of the split model in season four, each new competitive series started on the map that saw changes in the new season, alternating between World’s Edge and Kings Canyon since it launched.

Kings Canyon saw far-reaching changes as part of Apex‘s previous season, Fortune’s Favor. Skull Town and the Thunderdome gave way to Salvage and the Broken Coast and Respawn revitalized the northwestern corner of the map with the addition of new areas. The Lost Treasures event also created Crypto’s Map Room, a POI near Repulsor, which made its debut a week before Kings Canyon’s departure from the competitive mode in the previous season.

Ranked splits first made their way to Apex during the battle royale’s fourth season, Assimilation, and have been a staple of the competitive ladder since the feature’s debut. Respawn adopted the model to “keep things fresh” following protracted ranked campaigns during seasons two and three.