Apex Legends player clutches 1-vs-3 as Caustic

Some teammates can actually clutch and save the day.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Solo queuing in Apex Legends is a hit or miss experience. Players can either get some of the best teammates in the world or be matched with inexperienced or toxic competitors.

This experience causes a lot of players to distrust their teammates, especially when they get knocked down. It’s a common practice in public matches for players to leave once they’re knocked down or killed since they don’t believe their teammate will be able to clutch and revive them. One Caustic player proved it might be a good idea to wait around and see what happens, however.

A user uploaded a clip to Reddit earlier today showcasing their one-vs-three clutch while using Caustic. Their teammates ran into an enemy team while looting and an intense firefight began. Both of them were knocked down and eventually killed but still had the 90-second window where their teammate could retrieve their banner. Both players were uninterested in waiting, however, and immediately left the game. The Caustic player was unfazed and continued to avenge his team.

The player was able to eliminate all three enemies with smart placements of their gas traps and by isolating each enemy into one-vs-one gunfights. The player had plenty of time to retrieve their teammates’ banners and could’ve brought them back into the game. The Caustic player was forced to continue the match one-vs-three in almost every engagement, though, because their teammates left.

This just goes to show that leaving when dying isn’t always the best move in Apex because some teammates might be able to clutch and save the day.