Apex data miners find animations for possible upcoming legend, Valk

The Soaring Aviator can reportedly take flight and fire missiles.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ latest patch contained hints at a future legend. Data miners found mentions to Valk, a previously-discovered legend who’s reportedly in the works.

Data miner Biast12 uncovered a model for one of Valk’s gadgets. The model resembles Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and likely refers to her tactical skill, which fires a cluster missile at the crosshairs. Shrugtal, one of Apex’s oldest data miners, also unearthed an animation for the tactical skill. The gesture shows Valk reloading the gadget as if it were a rocket launcher.

Data miners already uncovered information about the legend, including their skillset and possible art. Valk’s skill set will likely have significant vertical mobility, according to Shrugtal.

Valk’s passive is called “VTOL Jets.” Based on its description, holding the jump button allows the character to hover in the air. The definition resembles Overwatch’s Pharah, who’s able to fly due to her Raptora suit.

The ability to fly could be coupled with her tactical skill, the Cluster Missile. The weapon can “fire a rocket that explodes multiple times,” according to data-mined information. The vertical mobility can give her an accurate area of effect with her launcher, depending on the behavior of its explosions.

Valk’s ultimate can reportedly give vertical mobility to an entire squad. The ability’s description mentions that players need to prepare to launch and teammates can join the deployment. After a brief countdown, players will reportedly launch into the air and skydive. The ability will likely function as an at-will version of Apex’s balloons, provided there’s a clear vertical line for takeoff.

Valk is still an obscure character in Apex. It’s possible that Valk could be one of the next legends to join Apex’s roster after Loba. Respawn hasn’t officially acknowledged their existence, however, or set a release date.