WoW Dragonflight 2023 patch roadmap: All upcoming patch details

Here's how WoW will look across 2023.

An image of a Dragonkin casting a spell on the Forbidden Reach in WoW Dragonflight
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Since its launch last year, World of Warcraft Dragonflight has seen a number of changes, updates, and bug fixes. But the sustainability of this expansion rests heavily on future updates and nurturing the content within the Dragon Isles. In Dragonflight, Blizzard has made it an absolute priority to keep the content flowing at a steady pace, keeping players engaged with the expansion from beginning to end.

One of the biggest pitfalls of Shadowlands was the various droughts in between major patches, which oftentimes led players away from the game. In this expansion, though, players are consistently being fed update after update, with major content patches coming once every six to eight weeks, on average.

In 2023, WoW players can expect six patches, including two major seasonal refreshes in Patch 10.1 and Patch 10.2. In between the two major content updates are minor updates that revolve around new world events, system updates, evergreen content, new dungeons and narratives, and feedback response changes.

Shortly after the release of Dragonflight, the WoW devs outlined their plans to keep the game’s stream of content alive and well with a convenient roadmap that lasts all the way through the end of 2023. Here are all the details for each of the WoW Dragonflight patches that you can expect this year.

WoW Dragonflight 2023 patch roadmap

Six Dragonflight patches with details
Dragonflight has six patches scheduled for 2023. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 10.0.5

The Trading Post in Orgrimmar.
Patch 10.0.5 was the first update of Dragonflight. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

On Jan. 24, 2023, WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 brought the Trading Post system, which allows players to earn a wide range of fun cosmetic rewards of their choice and poor and common quality items can be obtained as transmog appearances. The update also brought forth some new world content in the Primalist Tomorrow subzone. 

Patch 10.0.7

Dracthyr Evoker flying over the Forbidden Reach
Patch 10.0.7 is called the Return to the Forbidden Reach. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 10.0.7 was another minor patch that was rolled out on March 21. In this patch, players got a new quest campaign and repeatable world content set in the Forbidden Reach, the starting zone for the new Dracthyr race that had previously been unreachable.

On the Forbidden Reach, players could farm rares, clear out the Zskera Vault, and progress the story of the Dragon Isles’ native race. There are additional questlines for Human and Orc cosmetic Heritage Armor, updates to some recurring holidays, and the introduction of the Winterpelt Furbolg faction.

There were significant changes to Restoration Druids, Unholy Death Knights, Retribution Paladins (who received a full-blown spec rework), and Restoration Shamans, who suffered in the previous Dragonflight season. A complete list of classes that received changes can be found in the Patch 10.0.7 notes.

Patch 10.1

One of the chambers in the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid.
The new season started with Patch 10.1. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 10.1 is one of the two biggest Dragonflight updates in 2023. It launched on May 2. In this update, players got a new zone, Zaralek Cavern, and a new raid, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Dragonflight’s campaign was expanded in the Zaralek Cavern and the other Dragon Isles zones. A new Dragonriding mount, inspired by WoW’s classic Cloud Serpent model, was also added.

Finally, a new set of Mythic+ dungeons came in season two of Dragonflight on May 9. The New Mythic+ dungeon pool features four Dragonflight dungeons—Neltharus, Brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr—as well as four dungeons from previous expansions: the Vortex Pinnacle, Neltharion’s Lair, Freehold, and the Underrot.

Patch 10.1.5

Room in the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon where players fight Morchie.
In Patch 10.15 we’ll explore the new megadungeon Dawn of the Infinite. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 10.1.5 arrived on July 11, introducing a new megadungeon called Dawn of the Infinite, a third Evoker spec under the name Augmentation Evoker, new events and quests like Whelp Daycare, and Kalimdor Dragonriding races. On top of that, Blizzard made Warlocks available to all races of the game, while also giving them a class-specific quest line that made all of their demonic pets fully customizable.

Patch 10.1.7

One of the zones of the Dragon Isles under the effects of the Dreamsurge event.
Dreamsurge events are the key feature of Patch 10.1.7. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Details of Patch 10.1.7 were revealed on July 13, and WoW fans can look forward to its release on Sept. 5. This patch will continue the Dragonflight campaign while introducing new public events called Dreamsurges, in addition to freshening up WoW’s two most famous fall holidays, Brewfest and Hallow’s End.

Patch 10.2

Druid tree casting spells in a green zone
The last big patch in 2023 is Guardians of the Dream. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The final Dragonflight patch of 2023 will be Guardians of the Dream. This patch will introduce major balancing changes to healers and other classes, the Emerald Dream zone, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid, new tier sets, and, of course, a new season. On top of all of this, we’re getting a new Dragonriding mount, Dream Warders Renown, and Superbloom and Emerald Bounty events.

So we’ll have plenty to do until the next season.

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