Team Liquid reveals WoW arena lineup featuring Cdew, Samiyam, Trill, Mes

Blue is the new orange.

Image via Team Liquid

After officially entering the MMO space earlier this week, Team Liquid has introduced its World of Warcraft PvP lineup. The lineup, which consists of proven WoW players such as Cdew, Samiyam, Trill, and Mes, will compete in retail WoW arena matches beginning this season. 

Liquid announced on Jan. 22 that it acquired top WoW guild Limit by way of a merger. The Limit organization, which included a roster of over 40 players, coaches, and staff members, dropped its former branding to compete in World of Warcraft events under the Liquid umbrella. 

Cdew, Samiyam, Trill, and Mes competed alongside each other at last year’s WoW Arena World Championship Finals under the banner of the OTK organization. The team was eliminated from that event in the losers finals. Furthermore, Liquid’s newly acquired roster dates back to the 2018 Arena World Championship, an event that the four players won together while competing as Method Orange. 

With its expansion into the MMO genre, Liquid intends to extend its reach into WoW esports and other MMORPG titles as well. The organization intends to be involved in games such as Final Fantasy XIV, as well as the untitled, currently-in-development MMO by Riot Games in the future. 

Liquid’s World of Warcraft PvP roster should be expected to make its debut when the 2022 WoW arena season begins on March 18.