You can purchase abilities with VALORANT’s new buy menu

Abilities are purchasable through the buy menu.

Image via Riot Games

A historic feature in first-person shooters like CS:GO is coming to VALORANT upon its release this summer.

The buy menu for Riot’s upcoming tactical shooter was revealed earlier today. The menu is an integral component used to purchase all weapons at the start of the round. The buy menu will be similar to CS:GO, featuring some of the same weapons and fulfilling the same function. But there are a few major differences.

Each section is devoted to specific weapons. There’s a column for Sidearms, SMGs, Rifles, Snipers, and Shields. The shields could be used in a similar fashion to Kevlar in CS:GO, which grants extra protection from bullets. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

The buy menu in VALORANT will be used to purchase abilities. VALORANT’s set of agents, the playable characters similar to Overwatch’s heroes, will all have access to the same weapons. But they’ll be able to purchase abilities rather than just earning them through playing the match. 

Each weapon will cost a certain amount of currency, similar to the buy menu in CS:GO that uses dollars to purchase weapons. This currency could be amassed throughout playtime. Players could receive a certain amount of currency by planting or defusing the objective while others could gain currency through eliminating opponents.

VALORANT is set to be released this summer. Although an official date hasn’t been revealed, it will likely be released around September. It’s been speculated that a closed and open beta could be playable before the release date, however.