VCT EU Masters team Raise Your Edge rebrands to ACEND

The roster looks to ascend to the title of Masters champion.

Image via Acend

Just a couple of days prior to their opening match at the European Masters event for the VALORANT Champions Tour, another competing team is going through a significant organizational change.

The roster that competed under the Raise Your Edge Gaming banner will no longer go by that name. The players on the roster announced today that they'll come together under the name ACEND and will compete as such at EU Masters Three.

In a follow-up tweet to the initial announcement from Raise Your Edge, the team clarified that it was because of "terms and restrictions regarding sponsorships." This is likely in reference to the Raise Your Edge organization's standing as a prominent poker training site. Riot Games has been notoriously strict when it comes to sponsors or advertisements that have anything to do with gambling.

This is the second EU Masters team that's in the middle of a change. After the French roster of DfuseTeam qualified for Master, their organization announced they wouldn't retain the roster due to "administrative issues." The roster will be released at the end of March and the players are actively seeking new opportunities, according to IGL Rodolphe "rodeN" Bianco.

Both DfuseTeam and ACEND qualified for Masters with wins in Challengers Three over G2 Esports and OG, respectively. EU Masters One competition begins on Friday, March 12.

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