VALORANT’s Night Market is live

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VALORANT agent Neon sprinting toward the camera in promotional art for the game.
Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can pick up five skins at a discounted price now that the Night Market has returned for the next 12 days. 

Weapon skins in VALORANT are an excellent way to customize your loadout and add an extra level of detail to your experience. Some skins are futuristic and sleek, while others are dark and rough around the edges. But the skins can be expensive, especially when there are multiple in a bundle you want to purchase. 

The good news is VALORANT’s Night Market appears every few months with five discounted skins for you to enjoy. The Night Market returned today, meaning all players have five discounted skins waiting for them. The five available skins are random, so don’t expect the skin you’ve been waiting for to suddenly appear unless you get lucky.

The Night Market is a great way to pick up skins you like, but not for the full price. You can also pick up skins for weapons you might not often use to complete your collection, especially if the available weapons are dirt cheap. Don’t feel pressured to buy a skin just because it’s on sale, as a lower price doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly like its design and aesthetic. 

You can’t refresh your Night Market skins, and sometimes you might get five lackluster options. But the Night Market will come back eventually after this round, so try your luck next time. 


Jalen Lopez
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