VALORANT player creates skin randomizer feature, Riot employee responds

You'll soon be able to try it out for yourself.

Image via Riot Games

With all the unique skin choices in VALORANT, one player took it upon himself to forge a way to show them all off.

In a post to Reddit, a VALORANT player showed off the skin randomizer feature that they crafted using the game client’s API. As you can see in the clip each time the player purchases a weapon it has a new skin assigned to it.

The creation was met with overwhelming praise, even warranting a response from Riot Games engineer Giraffy. In a response, Graffy praised the feature, assuring players it wouldn’t be a bannable offense.

“It’s really cool seeing players leverage the client API to do build their own features,” Giraffy said. “Past suggestions I’ve seen have mostly revolved around having preset loadouts (for example a loadout for each agent), which is relatively more expensive to build. Seeing interest in straight up randomized loadouts (which is much cheaper to build) is exciting. I’m personally excited for any opportunity to play with more than one skin forever.”

While it may be okay to use the feature in-game, its creator only showcased it inside the game’s practice mode so it isn’t clear if it would work as intended in a regular game. 

For those eager to get their hands on it, the Reddit user shared that they are currently in the process of finishing the code for the feature and will post a full release to Github in the future where other players can try it out for themselves.