VALORANT player clutches round but immediately falls to their death

So close, yet so far.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently clutched a one-vs-four situation but fell to their death before they could win the round. 

Clutching in VALORANT is one of the best feelings, especially if you’re up against multiple opponents and your entire team is watching. An impressive play can keep your team in a close match and significantly impact the enemy team’s morale. But sometimes, one small mistake can turn a clutch into a hilarious blunder. 

VALORANT player Mustafamby uploaded a short clip of their clutch gone wrong. They were the final defender against four enemies and were stuck in A Heaven on Haven with an Operator and little chance of escape. But they managed to kill three enemies pushing their position, significantly turning the tide in their favor. 

Their third kill gave them enough points to use Jett’s ultimate ability against the final player, and they jumped out of the window to try to finish the job. They killed the last enemy, but they also took a blast from a Shorty, reducing their health to 16 as they fell toward the site. This made them low enough for the fall damage to kill them, preventing them from pulling off an excellent clutch to win the round.

This death probably stung but ultimately resulted in an incredible clip that both teams likely enjoyed. They can still say they survived a four-vs-one situation, although they might want to worry about fall damage in the future. 

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