VALORANT has an option to request a weapon from a teammate


Image via Riot Games

If you’re strapped for cash in Counter-Strike and can’t afford an AK-47, M4, or AWP, you usually have to do without one. Unless your teammates are kind enough to share, you’re stuck with a pistol. 

In VALORANT, Riot’s upcoming first-person tactical shooter, there’s a neat little option that allows players to request a weapon in the buy menu.

This is perfect for matchmatching situations. If you aren’t comfortable talking in Counter-Strike, you don’t have a microphone, or your teammates are getting on your nerves, it can be difficult to ask for a weapon. 

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT and Counter-Strike are team games that ultimately revolve around strategy. If you don’t play the economy correctly, you’re doomed. That’s why communication is so important. But not everyone is lucky enough to have that option. If you’re more of a casual player or you’re simply not in the mood to talk, clicking a button and requesting a weapon makes it a whole lot easier. 

VALORANT is a hybrid game somewhere between Counter-Strike and Overwatch. It has weapon-focused gameplay, but it also has unique character-based abilities. Playing the economy game, force buying, ecoing, and saving will be fundamentally important to the title. Riskier buys equate to even bigger consequences. 

VALORANT is expected to be released this summer and it will available for free. The beta should be coming any month now with eager players getting the opportunity to test the game soon.