VALORANT fan shares smoke and wall locations on Split with Viper

"Use my poison to your advantage, I don't deploy it for kicks."

Screengrab via Riot Games

Using smokes and walls to narrow down your enemies’ rotating options is a key part of pushing toward objectives in VALORANT.

While throwing or placing them may seem simple since you just aim and let go, there are certain places on maps where players can throw projectiles to other parts of the map without being seen, just like in CS:GO. A VALORANT player recently shared an arsenal of smoke and wall spots on Split that you can take advantage of with Viper.

Viper is useful when it comes to blocking off rotations. The first Toxic Screen spot is located toward the right of the attacker’s spawn side. Viper got close to the first set of boxes that appears once you turn left. She looked toward the white skyscraper and aimed for the corner of the two roofs. She then slowly increased her aim to plant the wall between Main A and the A bombsite.

Another Toxic Screen spot can be shot from Lobby B, which is located toward the left of the attackers’ spawn. Viper stopped right next to the dumpster that can be seen before entering the hallway. She aimed slightly higher than the second Chinese tile, just above the two small obstacles that can be noticed on top of it. The Smoke Screen cut the B bombsite in half.

For the third Toxic Screen, the fan went to the door located at the entrance of Screens A and stood a couple of steps away from the door while sticking her back to the wall. She aimed toward the gap between the lower roof and the edge of the neighboring building’s balcony. The Toxic Screen completely blocked off the wider entrance of the A bombsite.

To block off the connections that lead to the A bombsite from Ramps A and Main A, Viper positioned herself on top of the yellow tiles that go down on the upper side of Top Mid. She aimed for the fourth gap on what looks to be a construction piece and pulled the trigger.

Viper moved on to Poison Cloud locations and placed one at the left edge of the second steel rod. The Poison Cloud successfully blocked the vision of anyone trying to peek the B bombsite while allowing Viper to have clear vision of anyone who dared to overstep.

She threw the second Poison Cloud toward the ceiling while standing on the first steps of the staircase. The Poison Cloud got stuck on top of the door and blocked the view of anyone peeking from Top Mid into Mail Mid.

The rest of the Poison Clouds were also placed similarly and gave Viper a vision advantage against enemies who may push toward the featured doors in Tower A and Ramps A.

VALORANT is expected to be fully released this summer.