VALORANT Duality cinematic puts in-game lore on full display

VALORANT fans finally received more information on the in-game world.

Image via Riot Games

The VALORANT Duality Cinematic finally gives fans a look into the in-game world and explains why there are copies of agents on each team. 

During the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2 Reykjavik Grand Finals between Sentinels and Fnatic, fans were greeted with a new lore cinematic. The trailer shows Killjoy trying to defuse a spike and eventually receiving help from Viper and Phoenix. 

Phoenix eventually encounters another version of himself that escapes while Killjoy successfully defuses the spike. Phoenix is confused by the alternate version of himself, and Viper confirms that it is finally time to fill him in. The other version of Phoenix returns to an alternate Jett as an entire team of agents gets ready to return to the other world. 

VALORANT fans have been curious about the in-game lore and why different versions of the same agents fight Radianite. The good news is Phoenix was just as confused as players in the cinematic, but Viper’s final comment might indicate that answers are on the way. Players also got an exciting shot of two Earths next to each other, establishing mirrored worlds.

Agents from another universe, dimension or some other type of plane appear to be traveling into another world to still its radianite. It is unclear why they are attempting to steal radianite, but their world might be out of the critical substance. 

Eagle-eyed players might’ve noticed that the trailer takes place on C Site on Bind. The tall Kingdom tower seen in the background on Split was also featured in the trailer, and the floating section of Ascent was shown in various news clips. 

The Duality cinematic was an excellent source of lore for players that want to dive into the world of VALORANT. There are still dozens of unanswered questions. But Riot Games likely will release more information for players to enjoy soon.