Riot working on fix for VALORANT bug that doesn’t let players queue for ranked

Riot inadvertently added a new ranked requirement.

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been trying to play ranked mode on the new patch for VALORANT today and are running into issues, Riot Games has an explanation and is working on a solution.

Riot pointed out today that certain ranked players were unable to queue for ranked matches. The reason? They hadn’t played enough unrated games.

It’s unclear how this bug even came into existence, but somehow, players who haven’t played at least 10 unrated games since the closed beta are unable to queue for ranked matches. While Riot is quickly working on a fix for this strange occurrence, the only solution for affected players is to start playing some unrated games. Obviously, this is a non-permanent solution while the bug is being resolved.

Whether players are playing ranked or unranked, regardless of whether they want to or not, they can check out the newest changes from the latest patch. Jett received a nerf to her smoke duration, the map Split has undergone a plethora of design changes, and a handful of past bugs have been fixed.

For those who can access ranked mode right now, players who have advanced to Radiant but have been plagued by long queue times should be able to find matches quicker from now on as well.