VALORANT Patch 2.01 fixes several bugs, including persistent Yoru fakeout and Jett defusing while dashing

A plethora of bugs have been fixed in the latest patch.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Patch 2.01 is set to dish out a nerf to Jett’s smoke duration and make huge changes to the map Split. But reducing Jett’s smoke abilities and attempting to make Split more attacker-friendly aren’t the only changes coming to the game later today.

Patch 2.01 will fix a plethora of bugs that have been pestering players and affecting a wide range of agents. Several Omen bugs have been fixed, including his visual effects not lining up when teleporting, him being able to trigger the defusal sound while teleporting, and a bug that saw him be able to equip his gun while using his ultimate.

There were other bugs fixed that were also inadvertently giving agents too much power. Jett was also able to incorrectly trigger the defusal sound while dashing and that's been fixed. Riot also fixed an issue where Yoru's Fakeout ability would persist after his death and where Raze's Boom Bot could be placed through some walls. Brimstone's stim ability can no longer inadvertently stack as well.

There were also some fixes that all players should notice. Several players reported instances of not receiving credits when refunding a weapon purchase, which has now been fixed. Riot even fixed a couple of errors that showed up regarding ranks, promotion, and demotion at the end of games.

The full list of bug fixes, as well as the changes made to Jett and Split, can be found in the full patch notes.