Jett can bait a defuse mid-dash in VALORANT

Beware of the fake defuse.

Image via Riot Games

Baiting a defuse in VALORANT can help defenders draw out attackers from hiding since they need to protect the spike. And one player recently discovered that Jett can bait a defuse mid-dash, which can easily convince enemies that they’re committing to the defuse. 

The player uploaded a short clip of them showing the technique in action last night. They dashed over the spike and held the defuse button, which caused the dash noise and defuse audio queue to activate. The defuse sound occurred after the dash, so defending players will be unable to tell if it’s bait. 

It’s unclear if this is an intentional mechanic or a bug. The defuse audio queue occurs after the dash ends even though it happened mid-dash. This is unfair for attackers who hear an incorrect defuse noise and will be forced to check the bomb. Jett players will also surprise the enemy checking the spike since they won’t expect them to be anywhere else besides on the bomb. 

Other players explained that you can also bait a defuse during Omen’s teleport without actually committing to it. Both strategies are excellent for one-vs-one situations or to draw multiple enemies out of hiding. 

VALORANT players should recognize this tactic if they hear a Jett teleport and activate the bomb. They could be committing to a defuse or they could be using it as bait. The best counter is to wait a few seconds before checking to throw the defender off guard.