Riot to release VALORANT LOCK//IN capsule featuring a shiny new melee


Image via Riot Games

The developer of VALORANT is set to introduce a new skin bundle to celebrate the upcoming LOCK//IN tournament. 

Riot Games unveiled an upcoming release of the LOCK//IN capsule today, which includes a melee dubbed the Misericórdia, alongside regional-themed cards and a VAMOS! spray. 

It will be available to purchase in VALORANT from Feb. 8 to March 7. It will not return to the store or future night markets. 

Image via Riot Games

The revenue generated from the bundle will be split 50-50 with Riot and the 30 teams in attendance at the LOCK//IN tournament. 

The Misericórdia melee will be available in four different variants: green to represent the Americas region, blue to represent the Pacific region, purple to represent the EMEA region, and red to represent the VALORANT Champions Tour colorway. 

The upgraded melee will feature an animation similar to the Xenohunter knife with a distinct glow down the middle of the blade. The melee weapon looks identical to a Stiletto knife with a thin body and sharp blade. The VCT logo is featured in the center of the handle and will light up if the weapon is upgraded. 

The capsule will celebrate the upcoming LOCK//IN tournament, which will kick off the 2023 VCT season. The event, which is set to be held in São Paulo, will feature all 30 partnered teams that Riot selected to be distributed across three different international leagues: Americas, EMEA, and Pacific. 

The LOCK//IN tournament is set to begin on Feb. 13 and conclude on March 5. 


George Geddes
George is an investigative journalist from the United Kingdom.