Raze temporarily disabled in VALORANT until ultimate bug is fixed

The next patch is also being postponed.

Image via Riot Games

The 1.05 update to VALORANT has brought with it many new features, including a new agent. In the latest patch, though, multiple issues have been reported and Riot has had to disable a map and an agent due to bugs.

After temporarily disabling Ascent in the competitive queue, Riot announced Raze has been temporarily disabled as well because of a bug with her ultimate. Unfortunately, this means Raze mains will have to opt for other agents in the meantime.

Shortly after the initial tweet, Riot shared the next VALORANT patch would be postponed two days due to Riot’s planned summer break. With that being the case, it is unclear if Riot will be able to fix the issues with Raze and Ascent before the break.

Additionally, Riot said it is aware of “FPS issues with some AMD GPUs” and that it is investigating those issues.

A new Deathmatch mode will come to the game on Aug. 5. This mode will see agents unable to use any abilities with the only way to win outscoring the opponents. This is a step away from the game’s traditional team-based objective mode that forces players to complete an objective or eliminate the opposing team.