Ascent temporarily disabled in VALORANT’s Competitive queue as Riot investigates “faulty wall”

Uh oh.

Image via Riot Games

Riot disabled Ascent from VALORANT’s ranked queue today—and a “faulty wall” is the culprit.

A wall in the Italy-inspired map was causing unusual interactions, allowing players to use abilities through it. To maintain the competitive integrity of the tactical shooter, Riot has removed Ascent from the ranked playlist while developers investigate the issue.

The bug was initially detected by a player who discovered they could Sage heal and resurrect allies on the other side of the wall in A Main’s cubby, posting a video three days ago. The player and his friends tried other agents as well, finding that Raze’s Boom Bot detects enemies on the other side of the wall and Cypher can shoot a camera dart through it.

G2 Esports captain mixwell brought a lot of attention to the bug today, however.

The former CS:GO pro posted a video of 100 Thieves captain Hiko encountering the odd glitch when Killjoy’s turret detected an enemy through the wall. The interaction puzzled Hiko as he checked to see if an enemy pushed out of A site. But it appeared like the turret was “using wallhack,” according to mixwell.

Riot will likely enable Ascent soon after the bug is fixed. Until then, players will have to soak in the Act II content on the three launch maps.