Raze’s Boombot can take fall damage in VALORANT—if thrown from high enough

Could this be applicable to the main game in the future?

Image via Riot Games

A curious Reddit user recently found a fairly interesting interaction with VALORANT agent Raze’s Boombot and sheer height: It can take fall damage, provided it falls far enough.

Instead of being hurt for any kind of numerical value, the Boombot just explodes on impact if it’s thrown from a high enough height.

Raze has been drastically nerfed since her release in the VALORANT beta. She used to be at the very least oppressive, if not broken, with two “Paint Shell” grenades every single round. Raze’s Paint Shells and damage were nerfed quickly, though. She can now only carry one Paint Shell at a time and can only get a second one in a round if she gets two kills after she throws it.

As she stands right now, Raze is fine from a balancing standpoint. Her ultimate, Showstopper, is still incredibly oppressive, but that’s arguably the point of an ultimate. The issue with Raze always revolved around how her basic, every-round utility impacted rounds.

Regardless of her place in the balancing matrix, the discovery of Raze’s Boombot being able to take fall damage doesn’t seem like anything to get upset about. The fall is too large to be relevant on any current VALORANT map.

It’s interesting that this exists, but as it stands, it’s just interesting and nothing more.

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