How to fix VALORANT’s error code 68

Players just can’t catch a break.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another VALORANT error code. 

Error code 68 has seemingly cropped up out of nowhere, disconnecting players from matches and locking them out of the game completely. It’s one of the most irritating error codes around and it only serves as a nuisance. But unlike some error codes, it’s easy to fix.

The error code emerges when the game is experiencing server connection issues, something that’s largely out of your control. Cloudflare, the DDoS protection provider behind VALORANT, is the real culprit.

Cloudflare has undergone recent server outages, leading to a number of websites and applications, like Discord and VALORANT, going down. It’s an ongoing issue related to a faulty router that should be sorted soon.

For now, you can fix error code 68 by closing your client and restarting your game. For whatever reason, this snaps VALORANT back into action. There’s a chance the error code will return, but at the moment, this is your only real option.

If this doesn’t work and you’re stuck on square one, there’s a slim chance that switching off your computer and restarting your router will fix the issue.

You can find a full list of VALORANT error codes and how to fix them here.