How to fix the ‘Low Client FPS’ error in VALORANT

VALORANT doesn't have a resource-hungry main menu; it's just a bug.

Image via Riot Games

Despite many drawbacks and difficulties, Riot Games had a rather productive year in 2020. Alongside delivering six new League of Legends champions, the developer was also on point with its other projects. VALORANT’s launch was a success, and Wild Rift is also shaping up to become a mobile hit as well.

Though both titles are moving full steam ahead in terms of content, Riot is still trying its best to fix all the bugs affecting the gameplay experience in VALORANT. Some errors make it almost impossible to join a match, while others prevent you even from launching VALORANT.

The “Low Client FPS” error usually happens if you have some kind of a recording app running in the background, which also has its own overlay. It causes players to experience almost sluggish frame rates on the main menu of the game, and the error can also impact your in-game frames as well.

Here are all the fixes you can try out to resolve the “Low Client FPS” error in VALORANT.

How can you fix the Low Client FPS error in VALORANT?

The majority of the reports indicate that the “Low Client FPS” error usually targets players with AMD graphics cards. The Instant Replay feature on the AMD Radeon software seems to be the biggest offender of this error, and turning it off almost immediately fixes the error for most players.

You can turn off the feature through the Radeon settings icon. Click on it and simply toggle off the Instant Replay feature to disable it. If that doesn’t seem to fix your problem, you can also try out disabling AMD ReLive which you’ll also notice while disabling Instant Replay.

If you don’t have an AMD graphics card or are still experiencing the error, you can try disabling full-screen optimization for VALORANT. You’ll need to locate the “.exe” file of VALORANT to do this, though, and you can do it by launching the game.

Once you have VALORANT fired up, open the Windows Task Manager and locate VALORANT’s “.exe” file from the Details tab. It goes by the name of “VALORANT-Win64-Shipping,” and you’ll need to the right click on it. Select “Open File Location” from the drop-down menu, and you’ll be forwarded to its respective file.

You’ll once again see “VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe” in that folder. Right-click on it and select Properties. Head over to the Compatibility tab and check the box next to “Disable fullscreen optimizations.” Choose “Apply” afterward and click on “OK” to get rid of the box.

If neither of these methods does the trick for you, look out for other software pieces that may come with overlays. Try disabling Xbox Game Bar or Game DVR by opening up your Windows Settings and entering the Gaming options. 

Even Discord’s in-game overlay feature can cause this error to happen, so we recommend going over every single third party program that you might have running in the background while playing VALORANT. NVIDIA, recording, and streaming programs can all come with optional overlays that may just end up messing with VALORANT’s configurations.

The error also seems to pop-up when you’re already in a game, and a new update becomes available for download. If you start experiencing low client FPS out of nowhere, it may be a good idea to log out of the game to check if there are any VALORANT updates available for download. Your FPS should return to normal after the launcher gives you the green light to launch the game.

In any case where you still experience low FPS inside the client portion of the game, a general rule of thumb will be reinstalling the game. Before doing that, however, you should try moving your VALORANT installation folder to your SSD if it was installed on your HDD. Having your game files on a faster drive will assure a smoother gaming experience, and it can also fix any files not loading in time, eventually causing errors.

What if nothing works?

Image via Riot Games

Each piece of hardware on your computer adds a variable to the fixing process, and you may need some professional help to overcome this error if you can’t seem to find a working fix for it. Chances are there might be something entirely different that’s been causing you performance issues, and Riot’s support team can find out what that is from the logs you can provide.

Submit a ticket to the VALORANT team and explain all the troubleshooting steps you’ve gone through. Provide as much as detail with all the logs you can get your hands on. A support member should look at your case as soon as possible and return to you with more fixes you can try out or ask more questions to help their process.

Many community members opened tickets regarding the issue, and there’s also one fix that you can try out. A community member, who talked about this issue with a Riot employee, suggests that they were able to fix the problem by enabling the “vgc” service.

  • Open the start menu and type in “msconfig.”
  • Click on “System Configuration” and navigate to “Services.”
  • Find the “vgc” service which isn’t manufactured by “Riot Vanguard and make sure that it’s turned on.
  • Restart your PC.

If you encounter other errors that prevent you from logging into the game after applying this fix, simply revert back to where you found “vgc” and return it to its original state.