How to add custom color to your VALORANT crosshair

Now crosshairs can be any color imaginable.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Riot Games has added the ability for players to customize the color of their crosshairs in a recent update. This customization allows players to choose colors outside of the primary ones that shipped with VALORANT on day one.

Before the recent update, VALORANT players were forced to choose between specific crosshair colors. These colors were white, green, yellow-green, green-yellow, yellow, cyan, pink, and red with no way of brightening or dimming the colors.

The added customization option will allow players to choose different colors than what was previously allowed as well as the brightness of them. Fans have been waiting for more color options since VALORANT came out, since its major rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allowed players more freedom with crosshairs.

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Some fans even made a mod for the purpose of adding hexadecimal colors to VALORANT before the update, which was not supported by Riot Games.

How to add a custom color to your VALORANT crosshair

Players can use any hexadecimal number to customize their crosshair color through the VALORANT settings screen under the crosshair tab.

There are two tabs to choose from, the general tab changes the firing rate settings while the primary changes the shape and color of the crosshair. On the VALORANT dropdown menu for color, select the custom option and enter the hexadecimal code.

Hexidecimal colors can be found anywhere on the internet and allow players to choose how light or dark the color will be. This code is six characters long and follows an RGB format.

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If a code entered is not a hexadecimal code, it will revert to the previous color.