Fan creates VALORANT anime opening featuring all agents and unique animations

Would you watch an anime based on VALORANT?

Image via Riot Games

A Reddit user showcased what a VALORANT anime opening would look like by animating various agents with their own cutscenes. 

VALORANT has drawn inspiration from anime in the past with their skin line VALORANT GO!, which took several agents and turned them into a more anime style for their own weapon skins. There were even chibi gun buddies made of the agents, furthering the inspiration from Japanese culture. 

Now, Reddit user emikoyaki has taken that inspiration to another level by creating an anime opening featuring several of the agents. An anime opening is a sequence featuring scenes that will happen later in the show or showcasing the characters within it. They are usually accompanied by music, often with someone signing in Japanese. Both elements were featured in the VALORANT opening, with emikoyaki using a Japanese song as the backdrop to the characters. 

The opening starts by briefly showing Jett, Reyna, and Sage in various places, with Sage being somewhere near Ascent judging by the background. The sequence then cuts to an island with the VALORANT logo, along with the words ā€œThe Animationā€ displayed below it. Fans can then see Sova, Killjoy, and Viper on more popular VALORANT maps. The remaining agents each get their own brief cutscene in the opening, showing them either in battle or in a more friendly light. Once all of the agents have gotten their spotlight, the animation cuts to a player in a Sentinels jersey before the final scene shows Jett biting onto her glove.

In addition to elements common to anime openings, the fanmade sequence also uses a characteristic art style in the animation. This pairs well with the music and ambiance, making some fans desire an official VALORANT anime.

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