Cypher player highlights wall bang setup on Ascent’s B site

Don't get caught.

Image via Riot Games

A Cypher player discovered an excellent setup for B site on Ascent that can help defend the site and secure a few easy kills. 

Using abilities effectively in VALORANT can easily determine the outcome of a match. Players who are unprepared for an enemy push can be overwhelmed and die quickly or be forced to retreat. But setting up a strong defense can help you hold the site or at least buy time for your teammates to rotate. For example, VALORANT player khemyc uploaded a short clip explaining how to use Cypher’s ability to easily hold B site on Ascent. 

The player placed Cypher’s Trapwires in front of the two main paths leading into B site from B main, which is where most teams will push when attacking the site. The wires trap players briefly, marking them on the screen to help Cypher players track their movements. 

The wires are also marked through walls, meaning Cypher players can potentially kill enemies from a protected position. The wire placements on B site create the perfect opportunity for players to sit on the site and kill their opponents before they enter the area. 

Using a high penetration weapon like the Odin could potentially result in a couple of free kills, meaning a single player could hold the site and win a round. Or, at the very least, the enemy team will be stalled or rotate, giving the defenders an advantage.