Aceu pulls off impressive 1-vs-5 clutch in VALORANT

Aceu activates his gamer gene.

Screengrab via Apex Legends

FPS superstar and popular Twitch streamer Aceu pulled off one of the most spectacular plays in his VALORANT tenure and achieved the highest honor a duelist can possibly earn during a recent stream: acing an entire team on Jett.

In a one-vs-five situation merely one minute into the round, Aceu saw the disadvantage as yet another opportunity to prove why he was voted FPS Streamer of the Year. Known for his incredible and unpredictable ability to take over a match, regardless of the game, the NRG streamer did so yet again.

Moving behind the opposing Brimstone’s smoke, Aceu showed impeccable patience after the enemy Jett peeked out. Waiting until two other enemy players emerged from the chokepoint, Aceu grabbed the first three kills in quick succession. Dropping only a small amount of health, the Twitch streamer still had two more to go.

The prior three kills unlocked his ultimate and Aceu surprised the final two opponents by rushing past his own smoke. The final two possible spoilers to this incredible play were quickly dispatched by Aceu’s Bladestorm before they even caught a glimpse of the player.

While Aceu pulled off this Herculean performance wordlessly, only muttering “of course, of course” after eliminating all his opponents, his teammates were still in shock as the streamer defused the spike. But Aceu’s team could not rally after his impressive ace play. Aceu ultimately lost the game 13-6, though the streamer predictably still ended as his team’s top frag.

Though Aceu’s team may not have won the game, he still had a highlight to save from the experience.